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Enterprise Rent-A-Car Charity Golf Tournament Results

The Enterprise Rent-A-Car Second Annual Spina Bifida Association of MS Charity Golf Tournament was a HUGE success!!

Enterprise Rent-A-Car presented the Spina Bifida Association of Mississippi with an enormous check for $22,500 at the Second Annual Charity Golf Tournament. Thirty teams participated in the "3 Man Scramble" Tournament with 90 players. Members representing 9 families of the Spina Bifida Association were on hand to thank the golfers and serve breakfast and desserts.

The Tournament was a HUGE Success! The Spina Bifida Association of Mississippi thanks everyone at Enterprise for their dedication, hard work and support of this Golf Tournament. The SBA also thanks all of the players, sponsors and people who donated prizes for the Tournament.

Players and scores were as follows:

Closest to the Pin: Kenny Tubby - 3 feet from pin - $75 Gift Certificate

Longest Drive: John Gordon - Odyssey Putter

Team: Players: Score:
1. A R. Stokes 76
T. Hill
W. Smith
B J. Hunt 64
J. Fullerton
J. Barnes
2. A M. Barraza 70
A. Buskirk
J. Keeton
B G. Farmer 67
G. Wineland
R. Farmer
3. J. Hess 61 Fourth Place
M. McCarthy
G. Gillespy
4. A C. Mason 60 First Place
R. Mason
S. Chandler
B D. Smith 64
M. Bowden
M. Mitchell
5. J. Eutzler 66
J. Gilmore
B. Wert
6. A Paul Moak 71
B J. Chancellor 65
J. Pickle
D. Barfield
7. A J. Germany 66
J. Cabrera
T. McNeil
B Zack 70
8. M. Dohery 70
M. Backel
S. Maloney
9. A R. Bengston 66
M. Devereaux
T. French
B J. Foster 67
A. Visconti
C. Walker
10. A. Thomas 78
S. McNulty
B. Kaufman
11. A G. Brunini 67
B East Ford 66
12. A T. McNair 62
B G. Fleming 72
S. Cumberland
M. James
13. A R. Tubby 65
A. Waiter
K. Tubby
B J. Gordan 62
R. Nowell
J. Eaves
14. G. Martin 75
M. Boyd
R. Gates
15. A D. Praytor 61 Second Place
T. Klauder
D. Warren
B D. Stephenson 62
W. Clark
16. A B. Nelson 66
B R. Bradshaw 61 Third Place
17 R. Jupe 64
W. Richards
18. A J. Barnes 67
T. Antoine
S. Thigpen
B R. Richard 83
B. Hirtz

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