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Children With Spina Bifida: A Parent's Guide

Author: Marlene Lutkenhoff, R.N, M.S.N
Copyright 1999, Woodbine House
ISBN # 0933149603
Price: $13.56, 405 pages

"Provides parents with information, guidance and support to help meet their child's needs from birth through childhood. Great reference book on spina bifida covering prenatal diagnosis, neurosurgery, physical therapy and braces, emotional health, education, causes of spina bifida, parenting issues, etc."
Enabling Romance: A Guide to Love, Sex, and Relationships for the Disabled and People Who Care About Them

Ken Roll and Erica Levy Klein
Copyright 1995, Woodbine House
ISBN # 0517575329
Price: $5.95, 211 pages (Hardcover - out of print)
A House For All Children: Planning A Supportive Home Environment for Children With Disabilities (Not Available at

Author: Richard V. Olsen, Ph.D.
Copyright 2000, New Jersey Institute of Technology
ISBN # Not Available
Price: Not Available, 111 pages

"This book is for families who are raising a child with a physical disability and contains advise for creating a safe and accessible home environment. It also provides suggestions for meeting the family's psycho-social needs."
Listening With My Heart

Author: Heather Whitestone, Miss America 1995
Copyright 1997, Galilee Doubleday Publishing
ISBN # 0385488998
Price: $8.00, 208 pages

"The first physically handicapped woman to win the Miss America Pageant tells her story of her deafness, love of ballet, education, and challenge to fulfill her God-given potential."
Determined to Win: The Overcoming Spirit of Jean Driscoll

Author: Jean Driscoll
Copyright 2000, Harold Shaw Publishing
ISBN # 0877884188
Price: $11.99, 224 pages
Motherhood Magnified: Inspiring Stories of Insight and Lessons Learned from Raising a Child With Special Needs

Author: Jill Ford
Copyright 2000, Lightning Source
ISBN # 0595161251
Price: $9.95, 108 pages
Living With Spina Bifida: A Guide for Families and Professionals

Author: Adrian Sandler, M.D.
Copyright 1997, University of North Carolina Press
ISBN # 0807846570
Price: $13.96, 261 pages

"Comprehensive handbook on spina bifida. Great reference book for various stages and medical issues surrounding the complex issues of spina bifida. Highly recommended reading!"
Nick Joins In

Author: Joe Lasker
Copyright 1980, Albert Whitman & Company
ISBN # 0807556122
Price: $11.96, 30 pages

"When Nick, who is in a wheelchair, enters a regular classroom for the first time, he soon realizes that he has much to contribute."
Princess Pooh

Author: Kathleen M. Muldoon
Coyright 1989, Albert Whitman & Company
ISBN # 0807566276
Price: $11.96, 35 pages

"Jealous of her disabled sister's royal treatment as she sits on her 'throne with wheels,' Patty Jean borrows the wheelchair and discovers that life in a wheelchair isn't so easy."
Rolling Along with Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Author: Cindy Meyers
Coyright 1999, Woodbine House
ISBN # 1890627127
Price: $11.96, 28 pages

"A familiar folktale with a special needs twist."
Spinabilities: A Young Person's Guide to Spina Bifida

Author: M. Lutkenhoff, R.N., M.S.N. and S. G. Oppenheimer, M.D.
Copyright 1997, Woodbine House
ISBN # 0933149867
Price: $13.56, 138 pages

"This book offers pracitcal tips and suggestions for becoming independent and managing your health care. Spinabilities provides information to help set goals for independence and make them a reality."
Views from Our Shoes - Growing Up with a Brother or Sister with Special Needs

Author: Donald Meyer
Copyright 1997, Woodbine House
ISBN # 0933149980
Price: $11.96, 113 pages

"A balanced view of the positive and negative sides of living with a sibling with a disability. Written for siblings ages 9 and up."
Choosing A Wheelchair: A Guide for Optimal Independence

Author: Gary Karp
Copyright 1998, O'Reilly and Associates, Inc.
ISBN # 1565924118
Price: $9.95, 180 pages
Christal: Coping with Spina Bifida

Author: Karen Snyder Travis
Copyright 2001, Branden Publishing Co.
ISBN # 0828320624
Price: $9.95
Negotiating the Special Education Maze - A Guide for Parents and Teachers

Author: Winifred Anderson et al
Copyright 1997 3rd ed., Woodbine House
ISBN # 0933149727
Price: $13.56, 264 pages
You Will Dream New Dreams: Inspiring Personal Stories by Parents of Children With Disabilities

Editors: Stanley D. Klein and Kim Schive
Copyright 2001, Kensington Pub. Corp.
ISBN # 1575665603
Price: $13.00, 304 pages
Sisters, Brothers, and Disability: A Family Album

Author: Lydia Gans
Copyright 1997, Fairview Pr.
ISBN # 1577490444
Price: $14.95, 160 pages
Nobody's Perfect: Living and Growing With Children Who Have Special Needs

Author: Nancy B. Miller
Copyright 1994, Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co.
ISBN # 155766143X
Price: $21.00, 352 pages
Howie Helps Himself

Author: Joan Fassler
Copyright 1987, Albert Whitman & Company
ISBN # 0807534226
Price: $11.96, 32 pages
Taking Charge - Teenagers Talk About Life and Physical Disabilities

Author: Kay H. Kriegsman, Ph. D.
Copyright 1992, Woodbine House
ISBN # 0933149468
Price: used $7.50, 164 pages

"A self-help book that delivers a positive message for teens with physical disabilities. Fifteen teenagers with disabilities interviewed, including some with spina bifida."
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